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While doodling on tissues at a coffee shop on a hot, humid summer afternoon, the idea, came to us like a flash of light, like it always does! We had that perfect business idea, which was not only niche but also recession-proof.

Education is one sector which world over, is recession proof. Learning is one part of education but getting to that learning itself presents immense business opportunities. We at Soulpen think we have found that perfect niche, penning quality essays and SOPs for students aspiring to study abroad.

The founders of Soulpen, Ruma and Vinita had been writing essays and SOPs for relatives and friends. Till then, it was all a goodwill gesture. As word got around that there were two ‘souls’ writing essays for free, many more friends and acquaintances started popping around, urging us to put pen to paper.

That set the doodling and thought process working; and the flash of idea of turning this unique skill into a business venture. And the entrepreneurship seems to have hit the bull’s eye.

Starting as a two-member team, Soulpen now has a bevy of talented writers who pen beautiful essays, which sometimes take us also by surprise! Needless to say, each and every essay is unique and custom made. There simply cannot be something like a ‘copy-paste’ when there are no two similar individuals.


Vinita is a Bachelor of Mass Media and has been working with Ruma on various free lance assignments. She is the Mumbai representative and helps editing and correcting the typo and grammatical errors in the essays. She has also penned two novels, writes poems and is an active blogger. She has a post-graduation in Advanced Creative Writing from Symbiosis, Pune and another certificate from IGNOU, New Delhi for Creative Writing. 


Ruma has over 20 years experience in writing. She is currently an Associate Editor with Premium Investments and based out of Dubai. She does content development and manages the web site. You can visit the site – to get a flavour of her writing abilities.