Statement of Purpose and Essay writing services
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"The role of one's writing is not to say what we can all say but what one's unable to say."


When a student wishes to study abroad, it is not just his marks that are important. Universities are always on the look out for students who are a perfect package- perfect grades, perfect extra curricular activities, perfect attitude, perfect intelligence and of course, perfect writing skills.

When you apply for an MBA program, the Statement of Purpose or SOPs and Essays are the first knock which you make on the doors of the institutes. If the knock is impressive, only then is the door let open. And we, SOULPEN, provide you with the precise knock, which will ensure that the opportunity never walks away.

It is words, smart play of words, which will decide your fate- well crafted, extraordinary SOP and essays are what decide your future and we at Soulpen provide you with just that!

Out of the scores of applications, only 7-10% get accepted in most of the top notch colleges in the world. Apart from GMAT, glowing recommendations and excellent academic background, what it all really comes down to is the impression the student is able to make through the SOP and essays. Needless to say, it has to be powerful.

Soulpen provides its niche SOP and essay writing services to students who are going for a full-time, part-time MBA or college/graduate school essays. We ensure that the SOPs and Essays, apart from being well written, would highlight the career aspirations, the strengths, the qualifications, the leadership abilities and the overall aim of the student.